Fully Automatic Abrasive Supply System

APW Waterjet Fully Automatic Abrasive Supply System

Adopted by air pressure abrasive supply mode, APW Fully Automatic Abrasive Supply System is to transmit the abrasive from abrasive supply tank to the upper abrasive container, and then put the abrasive into waterjet cutting head under the action of subatmospheric pressure of high pressure water and through abrasive transport pipe, so as to maintain continuous abrasive supply in the waterjet cutting process. When high voltage generator is opened, the magnetic valve of abrasive supply tank will be opened automatically, so that the air flow can get into the tank. When the abrasive level is lower than the inferior limit inside the abrasive tank, the abrasive inside the supply funnel will be automatically put into sand tank through sensor control. When the abrasive in storage tank reaches the prescribed amount, the supply funnel will be stopped automatically for the abrasive supply. It can help to skip the procedure for material injection by the operator in the waterjet cutting operation, as material injection can be completed automatically before the operation. Compared to the Automatic Abrasive Supply System, Fully Automatic Abrasive Supply System is advantageous for abrasive filling automatically before the operation, which can skip the procedure for abrasive filling in the waterjet cutting operation and save time, labor cost and other costs.