fieramilano, 5-10/10/2015  ‘Let’s build the future’

Many thanks from APW Waterjet to all of our great customers and friends who, for taking their time to visit us,  made our EMO MILANO 2015 a great success.

We are very honored to be the only Chinese waterjet company to exhibit over 155,000 visitors coming from 120 countries at EMO MILANO 2015, the worldwide exhibition for the metalworking industry.


APW All Stainless Steel Series Dual Core Waterjet

Looking back into the history of APW Waterjet, it is hard to tell which certain event created APW Waterjet’s achievement today. We have participated in drafting the national standard of waterjet cutting machine, involved in the state “863 Program”, and obtained many invention patents. We have also researched and developed the high precision waterjet cutting head, and launched the revolutionary dual-core intensifiers system, which successfully set up the milestone of multiple intensifiers system in China waterjet industry.

There is no doubt that every waterjet that we elaborately manufactured today will continuously tell the legend story of “diligence, seeking, digging, creation” in APW Waterjet.

“APW Waterjet Website” will present its high quality waterjet cutting machines in full series, and it will take you back to every exciting moment during the brand building period. We believe this will be a joyful experience. You will touch the spirits accumulated during the development of APW Waterjet, and get to know how APW Waterjet entered into the capital market and equipped Chinese manufacturing industry with its own brand.