Our Vision

APW will develop into a high-tech, service-oriented and international enterprise in the near future.

The enterprise vision expresses APW’s future prospects. Other than the targets, the vision also reflects the ideal of APW people. It encouraged all APW people working hard to realize their dreams.

To promote the progress of scientific and technological, it requires every staff creatively use the new knowledge, substantively improve the technology, and continually develop the new products. Thus it is also very important to enhance the level of enterprise’s R&D and management, develop the ability of transforming the scientific and technical results into realistic productivity, and increase the quantity of independent intellectual property. The final target is to become a high-tech enterprise which combined the production, research and development.

To realize the vision of service-oriented, it requires every staff to think from the clients and understand what the clients really need. Then, offer more direct and effective care for clients. And create a century brand with perfect service system and reliable products.

To realize the APW’s internationalization, it requires all staff to combine production factors, introduce advanced manufacturing technology, and perfect the management system in order to sell products and maximize the profits through international market. At the same time, we should achieve the international management, production and sales network, pursue international financing, service and talents, and grow up to a large, mature and international enterprise.