Development Milestones

APW Milestones

2002.2 Shenyang All-Powerful High Pressure Waterjet Technology Corporation was established

2002.10 APW brand CNC High Pressure Waterjet was awarded the listing Brand in Chinese Market Economy

2003.5 Awarded “CNC Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet” Patent

2006.5 Shenyang All-Powerful Science and Technology Corporation was established, funding by Shenyang All-Powerful High Pressure Waterjet Technology Corporation and APWUS Corporation in USA

2007.4 Awarded “CNC Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Dynamic Cutting Head” Patent

2007.11 CE Certified

2007.12 Awarded “China Famous Brand” Certification

2008.2 ISO9001 Quality Management System Certified

2008.3 Awarded “Shenyang Trustworthy Corporation”

2008.12 CNC 5-Axis Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Program was awarded the provincial level science and technology research achievement

2008.12 Awarded “Liaoning High-Tech Corporation”, “Shenyang Corporation Technology Center”

2009.1 Awarded “Waterjet Cutting Head Auto Adjustment System” Patent

2009.9 CNC 5-Axis Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Program was named the third prize by Shenyang Government

2011.1 Participated in drafting the Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet National Standard (GB/T26136-2010)

2011.1 Awarded “Liaoning Corporation Technology Center”

2011.3 Awarded “China AAA Credit Corporation”

2011.4 Awarded “CNC 5-Axis Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet” Patent

2011.7 Awarded “420MPa Ultra-High Pressure Attenuator Flat Face Hard Seal” Patent

2011.8 Awarded “Vehicular Waterjet Rescue Vehicle”, “Dust Cover Free Waterjet” Patents

2011.9 Awarded “Submerged CNC Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet” Patent

2012.2 Awarded “CNC Vertical Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet” Patent

2012.4 After shareholding reforming, the company name was officially changed to “Shenyang All-Powerful Science and Technology Stock Co., Ltd.”

2012.6 Awarded “Waterjet and Saw Cutting Combined CNC Machine” Patent

2012.7 Awarded “Axis Free Tilting CNC Waterjet” Patent

2012.7 CNC Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Program was named the third prize of Lioaning Excellent New Products.

2012.11 Awarded “Liaoning High-Tech Corporation”

2012.12 Awarded “Liaoning Innovation Small and Medium-Sized Corporation”

2013.7 Pioneered “Dual-Core” Waterjet leading waterjet industry into the new generation

2013.10 Awarded “Safety Production Standard Corporation”

2014.3 APW participated in the declaration of “Composites and Special High Temperature Resistance Materials Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Processing Equipment and Technology” program, and successfully participated into 2015 National “863” program.

2014.5 Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Technology Appliance Industrialization Demonstration Base laid a foundation

2014.9 Participated in China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition. Vice-Governor of Liaoning Province Mr. Bing Zhigang, Mayor of Shenyang City Mr. Chen Haibo visited APW booth and supervised the work. Many media reported APW.