A12x2 Intensifier Pump

APW A12X2 Intensifier Pump

Intensifier is the heart of waterjet. It gives waterjet life. A12X2 Intensifier pump is a miracle and it realizes the dream of every waterjet users whoever used, maintained or researched waterjet.

In 2013, APW pioneered “Dual Core” waterjet, which integrated SIEMENS motor, imported REXROTH hydraulic Pump and hydraulic valves assembly, American A&V Intensifier, American high pressure tube and stainless steel water tank. This dual intensifiers design represents another landmark in APW history.

A12X2 has been widely used in all APW waterjet series. Up to now, APW is still the only waterjet manufacturer holding this advanced technology in China.

System Information
Power: 100hp(37kw)
Max. Cutting Pressure: 60000PSI(413.685MPa)
Max. Water Flow Rate: 1.9gpm(7.2lpm) (55,000PSI/380MPa)
Max. Orifice Diameter (0.45mm)
Control Power Supply: DC24V;10Ampa DC
Working Power Supply: AC380V 50Hz
Max. Noise Level: 95db(A)
Working Temp. 40℉ (5℃)~ 104℉(40℃)
Storage Temp. 36℉(2℃)~104℉ (40℃)
Length: 2100mm
Width: 1270mm
Height: 1420mm
Gross Weight: 3750lbs (1700kg)

Cutting Water Supply System
Min Cutting Water Supply Flow Rate: 4gpm (15.1lpm)
Min Cutting Water Supply Pressure: 35PSI (0.24MPa)
Attenuator Volume: 1.2L

Hydraulic System
Max. Hydraulic Pressure: 2900PSI (20MPa)
Hydraulic Oil Tank Volume: 60Gal. (224L)

Cooling System
Min. Cooling Water Supply Flow Rate: 3gpm (11.4lpm)
Min. Cooling Water Supply Pressure: 0.3MPa

Dual Hydraulic Pumps, Max. Oil Flow Rate of Each Pump: 100L/min
Continuously Working Pressure: 380Mpa
Max. Cutting Thickness (steel): 150mm