A12+B Intensifier Pump

APW A12+B Intensifier Pump

As the most classical and durable Intensifier Pump, A12 has won great reputation in waterjet industry. In order to meet the demands of different customers, APW launched A12+B Intensifier Pump in 2013.

Compared with A12, a remarkable advantage of A12+B is that it equips one spare intensifier. These two intensifiers are able to work alternately. The machine can still be running during repair and maintenance, which significantly increase the working efficiency and realize the non-stop operation.

System Information
Power: 50hp (37kw)
Max. Cutting Pressure: 60000PSI (413.685MPa)
Max. Water Flow Rate: 1.0gpm (3.8lpm) (55,000PSI/380MPa)
Max. Orifice Diameter (0.33mm)
Control Power Supply: DC24V;10Ampa DC
Working Power Supply: AC380V 50Hz
Max. Noise Level: 75db (A)
Working Temp. 40℉ (5℃)~ 104℉(40℃)
Storage Temp. 36℉(2℃)~104℉ (40℃)
Length: 1715mm
Width: 1035mm
Height: 1191mm
Gross Weight: 2410lbs (1085kg)

Cutting Water Supply System
Min Cutting Water Supply Flow Rate: 4gpm (15.1lpm)
Min Cutting Water Supply Pressure: 35PSI (0.24MPa)
Attenuator Volume: 1.2L

Hydraulic System
Max. Hydraulic Pressure: 2900PSI (20MPa)
Hydraulic Oil Tank Volume: 30Gal. (114L)

Cooling System
Min. Cooling Water Supply Flow Rate: 3gpm (11.4lpm)
Min. Cooling Water Supply Pressure: 0.3MPa

Continuously Working Pressure: 380MPa
Back-up Intensifier