Water Jet Abrasive Feeding System (Recommend)
Description of Water Jet Abrasive Feeding System (Recommend):
This auto-abrasive feeding system is a recommended product of our company. With the functions of shoring and feeding sands for the machine, it also improves the automation and lessens intensity of labor.

Water Jet Cooling System (Recommended)
– Hydraulic system can be used circularly is guaranteed.
– Cool down the oil temperature during long time running, thus preventing high temperature oil damages to the intensifier.
– Water-saving

Water Jet Sludge Removal System
Safe, rapid removal of solid coating:
Make number of nozzles on the cleaning gun to 3,000 rpm rotational speed, up to 6.5 gallons per minute (22.7 liters) of ultrahigh-pressure water. With excellent performance and control, it is the only one hand-held tool which can be used in the rated working pressure of 45,000 psi (3100bar).

Water Jet Soften Treatment
Many kinds of compounds exist in the running water (such as calcium carbonate, carbonic acid). As the machine works, the temperature rise will generate some substance of the reaction of chemistry or physics-as we called it furring, which will reduce the life of the high pressure system and increase the cost. After many years’ experience, we have developed the system that can solve the problem.