Water Jet Cutting Machine, CNC Water Jet Cutting Equipment
Water jet cutting is now becoming a popular manufacturing technology, which is widely applied in shipbuilding, automobile, engineering machinery, light industry, chemical industry, energy sources, decoration, and food processing industry. In addition, the water jet cutting machine is well received by aerospace and military supply industry. Up to now, our products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions all over the world.

CNC Waterjet Controller

CNC Waterjet Controller
It supports a variety of codes like G, PLT, ENG, and DXF generated by CAD/CAM software like UG, MASTERCAM, AUTOCAD, and some others.
The function of breakpoint memory and blocked …

Water Jet High Pressure System

Waterjet High Pressure System
Reversing Mode: electro-hydraulic control
Cooling Mode: water cooled (plate type oil-water heat exchanger)
Inlet Water Filter fineness: ≤0.45μm

Water Jet Abrasive Feeding System

Water Jet Abrasive Feeding System (Recommend)
This auto-abrasive feeding system is a recommended product of our company. With the functions of shoring and feeding sands for the machine, it also improves the automation and …

Water Jet Cooling System

Water Jet Cooling System (Recommended)
Hydraulic system can be used circularly is guaranteed.
– Cool down the oil temperature during long time running, thus preventing high temperature oil damages to the intensifier.