China Clean Expo 2014

The 15th China Clean Expo

Date: 31/3/2014 – 2/4/2014

Place: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre

Theme Exhibition:

2014 Shanghai International Indoor Environment and Air Purification Show

2014 China (Shanghai) International Water Jet and Industrial Safety Show

2014 Shanghai International Washing Equipment and Product Show

2014 China (Shanghai) Environmental Protection Industry Show

2014 Shanghai Hotel and Building Water Purification Equipment Show

March 31 – April 2, 2014, Asia leading cleaning industry ceremony – the 15th China Clean Expo was successfully held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

After more than ten years of accumulation and growth, the scale of China Clean Expo expand continually and the quality improved. Now, it is not only the largest professional cleaning expo in China, but also very famous around the world.

The event got numerous support from associations and media. It can be said that China Clean Expo has a great impact on the whole cleaning industry.

The event showcased a wide range of products from personal cleaning, commercial cleaning, industry cleaning, public cleaning, municipal cleaning, home care and etc., which attracted lots of international and domestic leading cleaning enterprises participate.